camp on board
what is camp on board?


       The Wells family has grown by one, and the needs of Mr. and Mrs. Wells own children have taken center stage.  We enjoy having camp so much! We trust that Camp On Board and/or other adventures will resume in due time.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Matthew Wells at 254-760-7928.  

Dear former campers, 

             We love you guys!  All of you are dear to our hearts and a real testimony to the beauty of God's creation.  PLEASE continue to pursue your life's adventure!!!!  Enjoy each moment outside and ALWAYS remember to take 30 seconds of silence every once in a while.  We miss you!!!!! 


Matthew and Carolyn

Adventure activities include: 

  • Wilderness survival skills
  • Team building
  • Ancient astronomy
  • Pencil drawing
  • Retro tie-dying
  • Horseback trail riding 
  • Orienteering
  • Sailing skills and Yacht Racing  
  • Tonkawa shelter hike
  • Painting like cavemen
  • Find a gem of geology
  • Swimming for fun
  • Baked bugs and biology snacks(totally optional)
  • Fossil reef tour
  • Everyday ecology
  • Pastor led devotionals
        Camp On Board, located in Belton Texas, is a unique blend of adventure, art, and science. Unlike any other overnight camp in Central Texas we use a J29 sailboat to make Lake Belton our home base. This is an Epic adventure for youth ages 11-15 and 15-17. Our educational focus comes naturally as campers wonder about the world around them.  We then use our State Certified Professional Educators to extend these lessons to meet College Standards for Environmental Science and Studio Art. ...really! We are a nondenominational Christian camp. Read about us.  We are located on beautiful Lake Belton in Central Texas

Questions or Comments? Please email Matthew and Carolyn Wells.